Training & Season Planner

This season planner is a useful companion for coaches of a soccer team during a whole season. In the bound and handy pocketbook format, it offers all the important planning documents for the training and playing operation with one hand. Espaniol Francais Italiano Deutsch

Handy Format

Your companion at training or match days. All information in one book. 


Skill checklists for 4 examinations per year, which serve as a basis for the training plan.

Training Schedule

Training schedule for a whole season. Check boxes make it quick and easy.


Matchday douple-pages with tactics playing field and team line-up table.

Player Profiles

Player profiles with room for portrait photos, which can be filled - like a „friends book“ - by the players themselves.

Observation Sheets

Observation sheets for the recording of the performance as basis for individual training.